Warranty & Returns


All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty. If you ordered your bulbs online and have any issues within the first 30 days we willl replace them FREE OF CHARGE. We require the receipt to be included with the return to show proof of purchase. 

If you are outside of the 30 days, please follow the instructions below.


If a EuroDezigns Inc. halogen bulb is defective, it must be mailed to us with a money order in the amount of $7.95 USD per set made payable to: Lukas Weldon for return shipping/handling.  We do NOT accept personal checks!  Removal, installation, or re-installation costs are not covered by this Warranty. Please do not attempt to remove the glass portion of the bulb from the socket. Most customers use a small bubbled envelope to return the bulb(s)and postage varies depending on where you are sending from. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RETURN THE PLASTIC CASE

Please include your return shipping information inside the envelope/package. You only need to return one of the bulbs, in return you will receive a brand new set of bulbs in a sealed case. ( Please note: these instructions are an example of how you may return your bulb back to us, you may send them however you wish this is the least expensive alternative.) If you have multiple sets, please send $7.95 USD per set. You may combine the money orders/bulbs, if sending multiple sets. The charge is for SHIPPING & HANDLING. The $7.95 has to cover the cost of the following:

1. Postage.
2. Bubbled envelope
3. The cost of having our staff respond to your emails promptly
4. The cost of having our staff process the payments.
5. The cost of having our staff process and package your order.

There really is a lot more to getting your product to you quickly and in great condition.  We take great pride in our product, and hope you enjoy
using them.

Please send MONEY ORDER made payable to: Lukas Weldon for $7.95 USD per set.  Also include your full name, address, phone, and E-mail. Failure to do so WILL DELAY your order.

Lukas Weldon
Attn: Warranty Dept
1105 Martinal Road
Valparaiso IN 46383-7955